faqHere are the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Where is MJ TRAVEL AND TOURS located?

    # 47 Diversion Road, San Gabriel Village, Tuguegarao City

  1. What differentiates MJ TRAVEL AND TOURS from other travel agencies?

    First, our company is a professional travel agency having been in the travel business since 2016. Our company is a strong believer in providing not just service but we are very passionate about the way we render quality service. Be it a short or long haul destination, whether individual or corporate, our officers and staff are committed to provide quality service that is glo0bal in standard. Second, our airfares, land arrangements, package tours, and other services are very competitive. MJ TRAVEL AND TOUR offers our clients value for money all year round. We are not just a travel agency interested to get something from you but, we envision you to be our lifelong business partner. Lastly, MJ TRAVEL AND TOUR is a name you can trust. We have carefully nurtured our company through the challenges of economic downturn and competition. All these years we have proven that there in much more than just being a travel agency. For us, it is a responsibility we must be worthy of to our clients. TRUST is the universal language spanning the globe to all people from all walks of life. MJ TRAVEL AND TOURs are synonymous to TRUST.

  1. How prepared is MJ TRAVEL AND TOUR with the advent of globalization?

    Whether we like it or not, the mom and pop culture is a fading culture. To this end, our company has initiated a company with an established Quality Management System. Our systems are fully documented and implemented. We fully automate and customize to your requirements our operating system in Reservations, Documentation, and Accounting. Lastly, we believe that the quality has its price and our company commits to providing value for money and the quality service to our clients.

  1. How come some travel agencies can offer a much cheaper airfare compared to other travel agencies or airlines?

    You may have noticed that even airlines flying the same destination offer different airfares which may be classified as cheap, competitive or expensive depending on the customer. The reasonableness of an airfare quoted is a qualitative and quantitative judgment one must exercise. As a professional travel agency, our main goal is to offer competitive prices in addition to professional service rendered by our personnel’s.

    In the final analysis, the consumer must determine who can best serve his needs to his corporate travel planners must evaluate the competency and professionalism of the travel service provider bearing in mind that the price alone although important must not be the priority in favor of service. After all, travel is not just about cheap fares; it is also about RELATIONSHIP and FRIENDSHIP.

We hope that this page provided you with the answers to your questions. Should you find the need to ask us more questions, feel free to contact us. We’re more than willing to answer. Looking forward to hearing from you.